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Session I
* Part 1
* Part 2
Session II
* Part 1
* Part 2
Session III
Session IV
Session V
Session VI
* Group A
* Group B
Session VII
* Group C
* Group D
* Group E
Session VIII
* Group F
* Group G
Session IX
Session X




Breakout Sessions Agenda

Session IThe Face of Hunger in America

  • Part 1What Does It Mean To Be Hungry and Poor in America?
  • Part 2Toward an End to Hunger in America

Session II – Hunger, Nutrition, and Health: The Expanding Nutrition Assistance Agenda

  • Part 1Food Security as the Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Part 2Strategies to Harness Assistance for a Healthy Productive Society

Session III – Nutrition and Physical Activity Issues for Infants, Children, and Adolescents

Session IV – Nutrition and Physical Activity Issues for Women of Reproductive Age

Session V – Nutrition and Physical Activity Issues for an Aging Population

Session VI – Influences of the Community Food and Activity Environment on Obesity

  • Discussion Group AInfluences of Community Physical Activity Environments on Obesity
  • Discussion Group BInfluences of Community Food Environments on Obesity

Session VII – Influences of Family, Schools, and Worksites on Obesity

  • Discussion Group CFamily Influences on Obesity
  • Discussion Group DSchool Influences on Obesity
  • Discussion Group EWorksite Influences on Obesity

Session VIII – Influences of Health Care and the Media on Obesity

  • Discussion Group FInfluences of the Health Care System on Obesity
  • Discussion Group GInfluences of the Media on Obesity

Session IX – Environment and Healthy Lifestyles

Session X – Behavior Change and Lifestyle Improvements

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